Millionaires’ Mansions concludes tonight on Channel 4

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Millionaires' Mansions: Designing Britain's Most Exclusive Homes

Millionaires’ Mansions concludes tonight on Channel 4


Millionaires’ Mansions: Designing Britain’s Most Exclusive Homes, concludes tonight at 8pm on Channel 4.

Millionaires’ Mansions enters the private world of luxury interior design, where prestigious designers compete to work for the wealthiest clients. With access to the houses, the craftsmen and women, plus the clients, the series explores how the millionaire lifestyle is created in homes of sumptuous luxury. London’s housing market is booming; in the last 10 years, foreign investors have bought property worth over £100 billion and, as a result, the luxury interior design industry is flourishing and Britain’s craftsmen and women are having a creative renaissance.

The final episode focuses on Chelsea, one of London’s most exclusive boroughs boasting a rich artistic heritage. It is a popular area with the international elite and developers are busy transforming its historic buildings into luxury apartments. The latest trend is to create whole lifestyles inside these homes – right down to the champagne in the fridge – so that clients can walk in, purchase and start living the high-end life immediately.

Sally Mackereth is one of London’s leading architects. We follow her as she transforms a former artist’s studio in Chelsea into a fully-furnished apartment for a luxury developer. Travelling across Europe to collect and commission exclusive furniture, from satin wall lining to a table made from 8000-year-old wood, Sally is trying to appeal to an international buyer interested in Chelsea’s artistic heritage. But who might this buyer be? Julia Solovyev is a Russian property investor with several properties across central London. A self-confessed Anglophile, Julia has just bought the Chelsea house of her dreams, but its interior decoration is far too traditional for her modern tastes. The programme captures her visiting neighbours, interior designers and the capital’s exclusive shops as she searches for inspiration for her own Chelsea palace.

The influx of new residents is changing Chelsea’s make-up. Many old artists and residents are leaving, and the new elite have a very different idea of how Chelsea homes should look. This programme profiles a changing part of London as the world’s wealthiest make it their home.

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