Millionaires’ Mansions starts tonight on Channel 4

Interior designer Juliette in her showroom.

Interior designer Juliette Thomas in her showroom.

Millionaires’ Mansions starts tonight on Channel 4


Millionaires’ Mansions: Designing Britain’s Most Exclusive Homes, a brand new three-part series, starts tonight at 8pm on Channel 4.

Millionaires’ Mansions enters the private world of luxury interior design, where prestigious designers compete to work for the wealthiest clients. With access to the houses, the craftsmen and women, plus the clients, the series explores how the millionaire lifestyle is created in homes of sumptuous luxury. London’s housing market is booming; in the last 10 years, foreign investors have bought property worth over £100 billion and, as a result, the luxury interior design industry is flourishing.

Joanna Wood has been designing houses for royal families, oligarchs and Hollywood film stars for 30 years. The programme follows her as she embarks on a new Mayfair penthouse for an Indian family with a big budget and a team of live-in servants.

Brian Wade – whose distinctive style is inspired by the natural world – has spent the last four and a half years designing a seven-storey Knightsbridge townhouse for a Russian family, with furniture including a stingray skin coffee table, a side table made from guinea fowl feathers and a £185k chandelier made from Hyde Park leaves dipped in gold. We follow him as he races to get the project completed before Easter.

Juliette Thomas is a newcomer to the London design world. She launched her business on eBay a decade ago and now has a King’s Road showroom that’s unashamedly ‘blingy’; a wallpaper inlaid with Swarovski crystals is one of her biggest sellers. We watch as she installs a three-storey chandelier in a Russian client’s Surrey mansion under the watchful eye of a housekeeper who used to be a Russian weapons inspector…

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