Millionaires’ Mansions: episode 2

Roja Dove

Roja Dove.

Millionaires’ Mansions: episode 2


Millionaires’ Mansions: Designing Britain’s Most Exclusive Homes, continues tonight at 8pm on Channel 4.

Millionaires’ Mansions enters the private world of luxury interior design, where prestigious designers compete to work for the wealthiest clients. With access to the houses, the craftsmen and women, plus the clients, the series explores how the millionaire lifestyle is created in homes of sumptuous luxury. London’s housing market is booming; in the last 10 years, foreign investors have bought property worth over £100 billion and, as a result, the luxury interior design industry is flourishing and Britain’s craftsmen and women are having a creative renaissance.

With every client wanting something unique and bespoke, artisans are pushing new boundaries when it comes to what can be turned into interior design. This episode meets four of the super-rich’s favourite ‘makers’.

What screams success more than a 12-foot aquarium full of piranhas? Aquarium Architecture design bespoke aquariums for people who want to make a statement. We follow the company as it installs a tank for a wealthy Londoner with ugly predatory fish.

Savoir Beds make some of the world’s most expensive beds, sometimes costing more than £100k. Each bed is custom fitted, with every spring adjusted to the owner’s shape and weight. French fashion designer Sacha Walckhoff and his partner Pascal Ferrero design their own bed and undergo Savoir’s unique bed test.

Fiona Barratt-Campbell is a leading light in the competitive world of furniture design. Fiona and her husband, former footballer Sol Campbell, are creating London’s first super-luxury showroom to showcase the best of the furniture world. But, Fiona is also expecting to give birth to their third child just a week before they complete it…

Roja Dove is one of Britain’s leading home fragrance makers. He offers clients the chance to create unique fragrances for their homes for £25,000, and his business is busier than ever. The programme follows him as he creates a fragrance for Aida Dellal, an Iranian businesswoman, who owns Fawley Court in Oxfordshire.

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