Flintoff’s Road to Nowhere

2x60' for Sky 1, 2014

Freddie Flintoff leaves the comforts of his Cheshire home and travels 9000 kilometres to Brazil with extreme cyclist and die-hard tree-hugger, Rob Penn. Their mission is to cycle a 1200km stretch of the notorious Trans-Amazonian Highway.

Built in the 1970’s, this road opened up a vast tract of pristine rainforest to exploitation by miners, ranchers, farmers and loggers, leading to massive deforestation.

Freddie and Rob want to meet the people who came here when the road opened to see what they do for a living, and to discover for themselves if there’s any future for the rainforest.

The Trans-Amazonian Highway ends in the middle of the nowhere, at a sleepy town called Labrea. From their starting point 1200 kilometres to the east, Freddie and Rob have a 25-day road trip ahead of them. With a dusty, bumpy unpaved road to contend with, and the blistering Brazilian heat, it’s not an easy ride. At least they’re travelling light and at the end of everyday there’s always a hammock in the jungle and a dip in a stingray-infested creek to look forward to.

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