Hunters of the South Seas

3 x 60' for BBC Two, Spring 2015

Fluent Indonesian speaker Will Millard will make his debut on BBC Two with three documentaries set in The Coral Triangle, known as the ‘Amazon of the Seas’.

Made by Indus Films, Hunters Of The South Seas follows the writer and explorer as he lives for a month at a time with three remote communities who have adapted to ocean life like nowhere else on the planet, and documents how the rapidly changing world is affecting these traditional close-knit communities.

In episode one, Will joins the Bajau spear fishermen of Indonesia, who live in stilted villages out at sea. In episode two, he heads to the small village of Lamalera, the Coral Triangle’s most notorious whale-hunting community. In the third episode, Will explores the astonishing cultures of the Kula Ring, the native ceremonial exchange of gifts.

The 3×60 series is commissioned by Clare Paterson, BBC Commissioning Editor, Documentaries, and Executive Produced by Indus Films’ Steve Robinson and Lucy Carter with Series Producer and Director Jamie Balment.

Hunters of the South Seas will air on BBC Two in Spring 2015.

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